Dubai - Wednesday, July 23, 2014 5:56 AM


Dubai International provides a host of departures services to ensure a hassle-free experience. By providing special care and world-class standards, our goal is to ensure that you leave with the desire to come back soon.

Check-in and boarding

Dubai International’s Terminal 1 has five check-in areas (A to E) comprising 189 counters. Passengers can view flight status on plasma screens and dynamic signage located at the entrance of each check-in area. Every airline starts the check-in process three hours prior to departure.

Terminal 2 has 36 check-in counters, two of which are for passengers travelling with oversized baggage and one is dedicated for airline crew.

Terminal 3 features 15 First Class, 15 Business Class and 126 Economy Class check-in counters. Self check-in kiosks are also available. Additionally, passengers of Emirates Airline can opt for online check-in.

All boarding gates at Dubai International open approximately 90 minutes prior to flight departure and close 20 minutes before flight departure.


Passengers travelling from Dubai International should comply with airline regulations and guidelines related to baggage. Individual pieces should not exceed 32 kg per bag. As the total weight allowance varies with every airline, passengers are encouraged to check with their carrier of choice in advance.


UAE Customs accepts verbal, written or electronic declaration of goods by passengers.

For more information visit Dubai Customs.