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Art galleries

Dubai is home to a number of galleries that exhibit art and traditional Arabic artefacts.

Parks and beaches

Clean, white sand and crystal seawater make Dubai’s beaches a very popular destination for residents and visitors alike. A variety of family-friendly parks cater to varied interests of people, be it taking a stroll by the beach or simply enjoying the surrounding nature.

Tours and excursions

A visit to Dubai would not be complete without a trip into the desert or a visit to the beach. These excursions offer a taste of the true heartland of Arabia. The majesty and tranquillity of the desert and the sea can be experienced through a choice of exciting safaris, boat cruises and seaplane tours.

Museums and historic sites

Museums that chronicle the history of the Emirate of Dubai can be found throughout the city, showcasing the emirate’s stunning architecture, rich culture, and proud traditions.

Family attractions

From ski slopes to ice rinks, zoos to indoor entertainment, water parks and wonderlands; Dubai offers a wide range of exciting activities for adventurous and fun-loving people.


The Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and the famous Emirates Golf Club are renowned venues for the European PGA Tour. Among other sports, horse racing has already taken its place on the world stage, with show jumping and endurance riding now poised to follow its lead.


One of the greatest attractions of Dubai is shopping. The city’s tax-free status means bargains galore. A choice of modern air-conditioned malls offer attractive prices on the widest possible range of international brand names in electronics, stereo equipment, cameras, watches, textiles, perfumes, cosmetics and much more.

The ancient “souks” or markets offer a romantic setting for the purchase of spices, antiques, rugs, and silverware.

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