Dubai - Tuesday, July 29, 2014 8:48 PM


1. What are the requirements to obtain landing permissions?

The following information is mandatory: the aircraft type, aircraft registration, operator name, flight schedule, number of crew, number of passengers on board, nature and purpose of flight.

Dubai Civil Aviation Authority Contacts for Landing & Parking:
Landing Tel: +971 (4) 216 1600
For further information you can check www.dcaa.gov.ae

For parking permission, EFS will coordinate to get necessary approval upon arrival.

2. Are there any restrictions on ground time at Dubai International?

Aircraft can stay for one or more nights this is subjected to your request and approval from Apron Management Services at the airport.

3. What if passengers are not holding visas for Dubai?

Residents of USA, Canada, Britain, Japan and Australia can obtain visas upon arrival. A 96 hour visa can be arranged on arrival. Visas for other nationalities are subject to approval from Immigration officials in Dubai.

4. What are the Airport Landing/Parking & handling charges?

Please refer to our list of charges.

5. What are the requirements for crew to enter Dubai?

Crew should always carry valid crew ID in order to clear themselves on General Declaration.

6. What are the hours of operation?

It is a 24 hrs, 7 days a week operational VIP terminal.

7. Do you provide all types of aircraft-related ground support equipment?

We provide ground support equipment for most aircraft. We get support from other parties when needed.

8. Do you have dedicated lounges for VIPs?

Yes, EFS has dedicated private lounges for VIPs to ensure privacy and confidentiality at all times.

9. Is there E-Gate service at the Executive Fight Services Terminal?

Yes, EFC is the first FBO in the Middle East that has e-Gate facility. We can also help you obtain an e-Gate card.

10. Does Executive Flight Services have landside transportation for guests?

Yes, EFS has both airside and landside transportation for all guests and VIPs. For landside transportation we can arrange both chauffeur and self-driven luxury cars in any model our guest desires.

11. Can Executive Flight Services arrange hotel bookings for VIPs?

Yes, EFS has a 24hrs dedicated reservation team to coordinate everything our guests need, even hotel bookings with special corporate rates.

12. Does Executive Flight Services have an indoor parking area?

EFS has a 4788 m/sq hangarage facility that accommodates various aircraft sizes for any duration the client requests upon approval from EFS management.

13. Can aircraft owners bring their own maintenance team?

Yes. EFS’s team will coordinate issuance of the airport airside passes. EFS dispatchers will escort the maintenance team airside. Maintenance job approval is subject to the approval from concerned authorities.

14. Does the Executive Flight Services handling team help coordinate VIP connections between private jets and commercial flights and vice versa?

Yes, VIP attendants help facilitate all VIP requirements and ensure their comfort at all times.

15. What is the minimum notification period for submitting any handling request to Executive Flight reservations?

It depends on the requirement of the VIPs and documentation needed such as landing/parking permissions, visa and hotel accommodation arrangements.