Dubai - Tuesday, July 29, 2014 10:50 PM


Customs officers reserve the right to inspect any passenger’s luggage.

People importing pets or domestic animals such as cats and dogs must apply for and obtain an import permit from the Ministry of Environment and Water in advance. For further details, kindly visit

Passengers travelling through Dubai International (residents and non-residents) can bring into the country a maximum three month supply of medicine for their personal use. An original prescription from a registered medical practitioner must be enclosed (stamped and signed by official embassy of UAE in the country of origin, with details of the patient, description of disease, etc.). All medications should be in original packaging and not expired. No psychotropic medicines are allowed without prior approval from the Ministry of Health even for personal use, in small quantity and/or with prescription. Seizure of such medicines will be punishable under law.

For more information visit Dubai Customs - Travellers Guide.

You can also reach Dubai Customs on their Toll Free number 800 800 80. If you are outside the UAE, please dial +971 800 800 80, fax: +971 4 345 9933. Or alternatively you can e-mail us at