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Fact sheets, Reports & Statistics

13 April 2014
Dubai International Emirates Terminal 3

Dubai International Terminal 3


Dedicated for use by Emirates Airline, Terminal 3 increased Dubai International’s total capacity by 43 million passengers per year to 60 million when it opened along with an associated airside facility known as Concourse B in 2008. The Terminal 3 complex also includes Concourse A, a purpose-built facility for A380, which opened in January 2013 (Refer to Concourse A fact sheet) increasing the airport’s capacity to 75 million passengers per annum.



Project Costs                                                                     US$4.5 billion [including T3+C2]

Passenger Handling Capacity                     43 million

A380 Gates                                                                         5 at the new airside facility and 20 at A380-dedicated facility (put this in airside facility to be consistent)



Access to Terminal: Economy Class passengers access the Terminal from the main kerbside. First and Business Class passengers have dedicated kerbside at the entrance of the Terminal’s F&J Check-in area.



Total built-up area                                                          515,000 m2 [equivalent to 94 football fields]

Floors                                                                                   6

Check-in counters                                                           126 counters at Y class

32 counters at F & J

Oversized baggage check-in                                       6 at Y class and 4 in F&J check-in

Self Service kiosks with baggage                              18 at Y class

12 at F & J

Self Service kiosks without baggage                       18 at Y class

12 at F & J

Skywards Silver members                                           7 counters

Lounge for Unaccompanied Minors                         [5-11 and young passengers between 12-15 on request]3 lounges - Two lounges in the terminal at Departures and Arrivals, and one in the concourse at Departures.

Amenities: TV, video games, light refreshments, drawing and reading material, staff.

Special Handling Services Lounges                          3 Lounges – two in the terminal at Departures and Arrivals, and one in the concourse at Departures.

Marhaba Lounge                                                              From here passengers are escorted to the Marhaba Lounge in the Concourse

A ticket sale counters                                                    2 counters – one in First and Business and one in Economy Class Check-in Hall.

Cashier Desks [excess baggage]                                6 in Economy class and 2 in F&J check in

Immigration counters - Departures                         38 counters and 12 e-gates – Economy class passengers

10 counters and 4 e-gates – First & Business class

Immigration counters – Arrivals                                52 counters and 12 e-gates

Retail areas                                                                        4800 m2. 3 Dubai Duty Free public shops including a pharmacy.

Food Court         Area 2000 m2; There are 10 outlets including: Costa, Burger King, Rupee Room, Delizie, Mashawi Lebanese Grill, Japengo, Coffee Bean & Second Cup

Baby Strollers    Available in both Economy and First & Business Class check-in lounge






Access: Economy class passengers access the airside facility (concourse) via 4 Sky Trains and escalators.


First and Business class passengers access the airside facility using dedicated elevators; alternatively they could use the Skytrains via Economy class. Transferring / connecting passengers will access Level 2 from one of the three transfer areas.


Boarding: Departing passengers will be system boarded at Level 2 before proceeding to holding lounges on Level 1, where they will board the aircraft.


Total built up area                                                           670,000 m2 [equivalent to 120 football fields]

Length x height                                                                924m long x 90.8 m wide (at mid point) x 39.5 m high; narrowing to 56m at both ends

Floors                                                                                   10 (4xbasement + GF + 5 floor)

Gates                                                                                    26 (including 5 A380 gates)

Passenger Loading Bridges                                          59

Remote stands                                                 14 (for B777 and A340)

Boarding Lounges for remote stands                      5

Transfer Areas                                                  3

Transfer desks                                                  62 (9 at GF + 53 at U1)

First Class Lounge                                                            Located: East side of concourse on Level 4

Approx. 6344 m2

Capacity: 800 passengers

Business Class Lounge                                   Located: West side of airside facility on Level 4

Approx. 6953 m2

Capacity: 1200 passengers

Marhaba Lounge                                                              Located: East side of concourse on Level 4

Capacity for 140. Hot meals, hot and cold beverages; business centre; exclusive lifts; family seating area; hand baggage storage area.

Customer Services Lounge                                          For misconnections

Amenities                                                                           Bathrooms


Retail Areas                                                                       Approx. 10,700 m2

Dubai Duty Free shops – sports and leisure, food and toys, pharmacy, tobacco, electronics and music, mobiles and cameras, fashion, sunglasses, watches, gold and jewellery, perfumes and cosmetics, luggage, books and magazines

Food Courts                                                                       Two; this includes two restaurants operated by Dubai International; these are also used for EK transfer passengers on long layovers.

14 restaurants including Burger King, Starbucks, pauls Coffee Shop, Cosi, Wine Shop, Segafredo, Good to Go, Pulp Juice Bar, Costa, McDonald's, Haagen Dazs

Hotels                                                                                   Level 5 - 4 star hotel + fitness club and health spa

Level 6 – split of 4 and 5-star rooms and suites

5 Star hotel: 38 rooms + 8 suites

4 Star hotel: 193 rooms + 14 suites

Airport Medical Centres                                                               2




Arriving passengers terminating journey in Dubai continue to the Arrivals Hall in Level – 4. They access the terminal through 4 Skytrains and elevators.


Immigration                                                                       52 counters and 12 e-gates

Baggage Services Lounges                                           Two in Baggage Claim Hall (F & J, Y Class)

One in the Arrivals Hall

Baggage carousels                                                           14 carousels + 4 for oversized luggage

Porter service available                                                For all classes at Dhs. 20 per trolley

Lounges                                                                               Unaccompanied Minors

Special Handling

Chauffeur Service                                                           350 m2

Customer Services                                                          [Baggage]

Dubai Stopover                                                                [STPC] Lounge

Others                                                                                  Information Counter

Visa Collection

Medical Clinic

Hotel Reservation, Car Rental and Tour operators

Taxi and Bus Collection

Retail                                                                                    2 Arrivals Duty Free shops and an arrivals public shop



BAGGAGE HANDLING SYSTEM                                  The largest system and also the deepest [T3 is underground]

Capacity                                                                               8,000 bags per hour at check-in

Baggage reclaim carousels                                          14 in Arrivals hall and 4 for oversized bags

Screening injection points                                          21

Make-up carousels                                                         49

Conveyor belts                                                 90km; handling 15,000 items of baggage per hour

Conveyor belt speed                                                     27kmh

Early baggage storage                                    4,500 positions



Sky Trains                                                                            (47 Pax each)     Total 8 – 4 each at Arrivals and Departures

Elevators                                                                             157

Escalators                                                                            97

Moving Walkways                                                           82

Dumbwaiters/Truck Lifts                                              27




Piles                                                                                      8,700

Excavation                                                                          10 million m3 of earth [fills 4,000 Olympic-size swimming pools]

Diaphragm walls                                                              57,600 m2

Structural concrete                                                         2.4 million m3 [fills 950 Olympic-size swimming pools]

Reinforcement                                                                 450,000 tonnes

Structural steel                                                 33,000 tonnes [weight of 850 A380s]







Total parking spaces                                                       1,889

Car rental spaces                                                             163

Emirates bus spaces                                                       44

Check-in hall for baggage                                            Area 4500 m2

18 check-in counters

information desk

cashier counter

Mosque Area                                                                     950 m2

Number of floors                                                             Three

Total area                                                                            177,500 m2 [equivalent to 33 football fields]

Porterage Services                                                          Available for departing Economy Class passengers at Dhs 20 per trolley. First and Business Class passengers have dedicated drop off area at the entrance of the terminal and have complimentary concierge services.

Note: The Metro, which was opened in September 2009, provides passengers another option to access Dubai International Emirates Terminal 3.


Emirates Airline is the sole operator in Terminal 3


NAME                   IATA      ICAO                      TERMINAL

EMIRATES            EK           UAE                        3


Interesting Facts

The mega-project required the excavation of over 10 million cubic metres of earth, enough to fill 4,000 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Some 2.4 million cubic metres of concrete, enough to fill 950 Olympic-size swimming pools, was used in the construction of the project.

As much as 450,000 tonnes of steel was used for reinforcement and another 33,000 tonnes of steel was required for the structure; that’s approximately the weight of 850 Airbus A380s.