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Dubai - Thursday, July 31, 2014 9:34 PM

Fact sheets, Reports & Statistics

13 April 2014
Concourse A

Concourse A, which is part of Terminal 3 at Dubai International, opened on January 2nd 2013 with the departure of EK003 to Heathrow London. In its first year of operations the facility handled 22.9 million pieces of luggage and 50,000 flights serving 14.6 million passengers.

Designed for the exclusive use of Emirates airline, Concourse A has increased the airport’s total capacity from 60 million passengers to 75 million passengers per annum. The facility is also serves Qantas following the Australian carrier’s tie-up with Emirates.

Quick Facts on Concourse A

Construction Budget AED 12 billion (Approx. US$ 3.269 billion)

Opened January 2nd, 2013

Area 528,000 m2

No. Gates (Code E) & related lounges 2

No. Gates (A380) & related lounges 20

No. of remote stands 13

No. of remote lounges 6

No. of airline counters 50

No. Hotel Rooms 5 Star Hotel = 32 rooms (out of which there are 7 suites); 4 Star Hotel = 170 rooms (out of which there are 30 suites)

Retail Area Approx. 11,000 m2

Area - First Class Lounges Approx.12,438 m2

Area - Business Class Lounges Approx.16,553 m2

No. of Cafes/Restaurants 14 (3 Bars)

Building Length x Width x Height 645m X 90.8m X 42 m

No. of Floors 11 floors

Annual Capacity 19 million passengers

· Concourse A provides a welcome boost to capacity and service.

· The world’s only purpose built facility for the Airbus A380 (in operation), Concourse A also features the world’s first multi-level boarding for first and business class passengers directly from the respective lounges.

· It is 90m wide and 645m long, and has a total built-up area of 528,000m2 .

· The facility features 20 aircraft contact gates, all capable of accommodating the A380, in addition to 13 remote stands.

· It is a fully airside structure and is connected to the two major public levels of Concourse B and Terminal 3 (T3) via an airport train, in addition to the vehicular and baggage handling system utility tunnels.

· Concourse A is partially underground comprising the airport train stations (both arriving and departing), and like Concourse B, the lower and upper levels are connected by means of very large elevators that act as the main feature in a central atrium.

· While the arrival and departure levels are similar to Concourse B, the first and business class levels are further split up and are located one above the other, below the hotel level, which also includes a health club and a business centre.

· Dubai International Hotel has both four- and five star operations at Concourse A.

· The construction of the facility required 159,572,880 man-hours and as much as 930,000 m3 of concrete.

· CA is similar to Concourse B in terms of appearance, but with a smaller footprint. Technically the Concourse A project is an extension and continued development of Concourses C and B.