Exchange rates
Dubai - Friday, April 25, 2014 6:27 AM

Exchange rates

Most exchange houses are open from 8.30am–1.00pm and 4.30–8.30pm.

Today's exchange rates
Currency NameAED -> CurrencyCurrency -> AED
Australian Dollar0.29393.4025
Bahraini Dinar0.10249.7656
Brazilian Real0.60241.66
British Pound Sterling0.1626.1728
Canadian Dollar0.30023.3311
Chinese Yuan1.70450.5867
Cyprus Pound0.11528.6806
Czech Koruna5.40160.1851
Danish Krone1.46840.681
Egyptian Pound1.90410.5252
Hong Kong Dollar2.11030.4739
Indian Rupee16.6440.0601
Indonesian Rupiah169.6840.0059
Jordanian Dinar0.19315.1787
Kenyan Shilling23.65360.0423
Lebanese Pound410.48330.0024
Malaysian Ringgit0.89161.1216
Moroccan Dirham2.20980.4525
Nepalese Rupee26.63040.0376
New Zealand Dollar0.31783.1466
Norwegian Krone1.63220.6127
Omani Rial0.10479.5511
Pakistani Rupee26.66950.0375
Philippine Peso12.19610.082
Qatari Riyal0.99121.0089
Russian Rouble9.7410.1027
Saudi Riyal1.02110.9793
Singapore Dollar0.34242.9206
South African Rand2.8930.3457
South Korean Won282.55960.0035
Thai Baht8.80870.1135
Turkish Lira0.58061.7224
United States Dollar0.27233.6724

Source: The Money Converter

Disclaimer: All rates are for indication purposes only. Price may vary based on amount and delivery date.