Dubai - Wednesday, July 30, 2014 9:10 PM


Closed loop cool chain supply system

The Dubai Flower Centre recognises and understands the critical importance of the cool chain in preserving the freshness of perishables. As a consequence DFC is committed to maintaining the cool chain throughout the handling process and has invested in the latest technology to ensure this happens.

The rapid efficient handling will be aided by advanced communication, storage and operation technologies. Quality control will be assured through a number of segregated cool storage areas set at specific temperature and humidity ranges. In addition, customs and phytosanitary inspection and clearance services will be offered within the facility to speed up imports and exports.


Dubai Flower Centre has put strong emphasis on developing world-class people and processes as the key to successful cool chain management. Key elements of the processes are:

  • Refrigerated dollies capable of carrying an entire aircraft pallet from airside to facility
  • Automated handling equipment that moves pallets from airside to facility quickly and efficiently through airlocks placed at the entrance
  • Segregated storage chambers with varying temperature zones to suit the optimum temperature requirement
  • Hermetically sealed bays for meat, fish and ethylene producing products
  • Vacuum cooling and forced air cooling facilities

Climate controlled zones provide optimal product temperatures to maximise shelf life and are monitored 24 hours a day.

Free-zone environment

In line with Dubai’s policy of offering a “free and fair” business environment, the free zone is organised to meet the requirements of companies establishing themselves at the airport. Dubai Flower Centre’s Free Zone facilities provide attractive business incentives including 100% foreign ownership, a corporate tax holiday for 15 years, no personal income tax, freedom to repatriate both capital and profits and no currency restrictions.

Supply Chain Intelligence

A tightly controlled environment from plane to consignee maintains the integrity of the supply chain, minimising the industry standards which assume 20% of the value of perishables to be lost across the entire supply chain. Dubai Flower Centre’s state of the art computerised tracking systems allow the ability to track flight status, product loading and the temperature of the products through the supply chain process.


Landside security systems include access control systems such as 50 CCTV Cameras, Video Over IP (VOIP) security systems, scanners and walk through metal detectors. Dual x-ray and screening systems incorporating state-of-the-art with superior performance have been integrated for the inspection of freight pallets and cargo prior to arrival to the terminal. Cargo arriving landside is automatically routed one of the eight landing bays each with hermitically sealed airbags to minimise temperature change from refrigerated vehicle to the chilled docking facility.


Terminal access is limited to authorised personnel and monitored 24x7 to ensure the highest security. To increase efficiency, electronic supply chain manifests provide secure freight movement into and out the terminal. By capitalising on Internet technologies, it is possible to effectively link distribution chain members together to transfer confidential air cargo information and data in a secure and tamper-resistant environment.


Unique to Dubai and to the Dubai Flower Centre are the two mammoth fully automated 6 MeV linac generator x-ray systems. In less than 30 seconds, a densely loaded 20-foot container of up to 11 tons can be scanned to form a three dimensional map of the material inside the container. These systems are powerful enough to penetrate 14 inches of steel and immediately yield clear high-resolution images for excellent object discrimination.