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Dubai Flower Centre Terminal (DFC)

DFC offers 600 ULD storage units rising as high as 25 metres out of which ten are hermetically sealed.

Three 8-ton elevators transfer pallets and units to the upper levels for further break and build or storage in one of the 20 temperature controlled chambers.

DFC’s automated material handling facility links the flow of materials and the flow of information to ensure prompt and precise cargo handling. Timely order processing and a user-friendly interface ensure high delivery quality and transparency in warehouse processes for perishable goods.

Configurable strategies increase the efficiency of placing goods in storage, retrieving and re-locating them.

Office facilities

The Dubai Flower Centre has business units and larger office units available on the first and second floor.

Business Units (10 sq. meters – 50 sq. meters) are available for AED 1278 / sq. metre annually

Office Units (50 sq. meters – 170 sq. meters) cost AED 1825 / sq. meter annually

A 5% service charge and 9% water and electricity charge on top of annual rent apply.

Warehouse facilities

The Dubai Flower Centre has warehouses that are leased out for storage, distribution, packaging, and/or value added activity.

Warehouses are maintained at 15–18ºC, and if a lower temperature is required, the tenant will be responsible for building and maintaining a separate chiller unit with the electricity charged individually

Rates and Sizes

Warehouse Units (1200 sq. feet to 4800 sq. feet)

AED 75 / sq. foot annually

Any extra chiller unit installed within the warehouse will be metered individually.

A 5% service charge and 9% water and electricity on top of annual rent apply for the Warehouse Units.