Dubai - Wednesday, July 23, 2014 3:52 AM


Dubai - The Gateway to Global Business Opportunities

The Dubai Government has invested the emirate’s oil wealth into infrastructure. As a result, Dubai’s sophisticated telecommunications and transport facilities are unmatched in the region, one of the many reasons it serves as the storage and distribution hub of the Middle East.

The emirate’s historical trading tradition continues, and today Dubai serves as a global gateway, re-exporting goods from around the world to large, neighbouring markets such as Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, as well as the countries of the Indian subcontinent and East Africa.

Dubai’s free zones offer an ever-growing list of advantages that has led many multi-national companies from around the world to move to Dubai:

  • No taxation on profits or income
  • No foreign exchange controls or restrictions on capital movement
  • A stable, freely convertible currency
  • Strategic location, bridging time zones between Europe and the Far East
  • Efficient and well-developed support services, telecommunications and air links
  • High quality, reasonably-priced office accommodation
  • Excellent conference and exhibition facilities
  • A cosmopolitan lifestyle and tolerant, safe and secure environment

Dubai also has several Free Zone Establishments (FZEs), which further expand business opportunities for international companies seeking to operate in the region. They play an important role for many overseas corporations in their international tax planning strategy, sharing the tax exemption enjoyed by companies already established in the Zone, while having the freedom offered by 100% foreign ownership.